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Artisul Artist Glove G05

Artisul Artist Glove G05

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•  Soft and stretchy               

•  Sweat

•  Friendly material                

•  Fit hands of different sizes

User friendly materialc

Artisul artist glove G05 is made of spandex and nylon, which feels soft and smooth to the skin

Thoughtful cutting and design

Artisul Artist Glove G05 specially designed for creative workers will help to prevent sticky contact that occurs between your palm and tablet as the material of the glove is sweat proof. Besides, two finger mitt design brings users higher flexibility 

Soft and stretchy

Combination of spandex and nylon makes the glove stretchy and softer. The outstanding flexibility of the glove also enables it to fit hands of different sizes

A glove that makes you more professional

Artist glove specially designed for creative workers will help users to focus and further facilitate their work as they are drawing on a pen display


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