Pen tablet as light as a feather

Thickness of 6.4mm and weight of 213.7g, pen tablet A601 is slimmer than your mobile phone, which means you can easily carry it anywhere you go.
Thin panel and anti-slip pads that stick firmly on the table can help take the pressure off your hands, providing comfortable drawing experience.
  • thickness of 6.4 mm
  • weight of 213.7 g

Eye-catching & trendy apperance

pen tablet A601 is not only a handy tool to express creativity, but also a trendy decoration for your desk, which adds color to your work and life with its unique pattern on the panel.

Phone connection for convenient drawing

Pen tablet A601 can be directly connected to Android phone/tablet for efficient creation. So say goodbye to inconvenient operations when drawing on phone/tablet right now, and draw delicate lines and exquisite pictures with A601.
  • Phone Mode


  • PC Mode


User friendly & programmable press keys

Efficient and user-friendly, 4 press keys on the upper panel can be programmed to functions such as undo, zoom in, zoom out, copy, etc. In addition, pen tablet A601 is convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Battery-free P62-G, unlimited imagination

Battery-free digital pen P62-G can achieve precise presentation with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. In addition, 266PPS report rate can render strokes instantly. With P62-G, creative ideas bloom.
  • 266PPS
    Report Rate
  • 8192Levels
    Pressure Sensitivity
  • 5080LPI
    Pen Resolution

Convenient connection & mind-blowing performance

Pen tablet A601 can be easily connected to Mac, PC, and most Android phone/ tablet, facilitating your work and creation.

Write or draw, do what you like

Digital creation
You can fully express your ideas through pen tablet A601 when drawing, or designing in software such as Photoshop, Sai, Painter and Sketchbook.

Online education

With Zoom, OBS, or other recording/live streaming software that has whiteboard, pen tablet A601 can help teacher with intuitive course and bring more vitality to online classroom.