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Artisul Pen Tablet M0610 Pro
Lightweight & Easy-to-carry
Ideal canvas for creation.
258.47x161.54mm working area of Artisul M0610 Pro offers you enough space for drawing. Compact design with 9mm thickness makes it a suitable digital device for on-the-go creation.
Digital pen P58B, your great choice.
Ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, battery-free pen P58B ensures you a flexible operation as you’re using a real pen.
Express your creativity constantly.
The industry-leading report rate of Artisul M0610 Pro, 300PPS ensures you a fluent and natural drawing experience without any broken lines. 8192 pressure sensitivity levels enables every line to be rendered in a more lifelike way.
  • 300PPS Report Rate
  • 8192 Levels
    of Pressure Sensitivity
Brush tilt for shading techniques.
±60°tilt (Only For Mac) support enables you to create more organic strokes, thin lines if gently brushed, or thick lines if tilted.
Colorful breathing light.
Liven up the working atmosphere with the colorful breathing light that has three light modes for you to choose.
Feel more pleasure with Dial.
Operate your Artisul M0610 Pro in a creative and immersive way. Adjust the brush size or canvas freely on your favourite drawing software. Scroll through on the Microsoft Office programs.
Features of the Dial are programmable via the driver while Windows Radial features will be activated in various ways as the program running changes if the driver is uninstalled.
Work smarter.
There are 8 press keys available for you to improve your efficiency.
8 Press Keys + Dial
User-friendly designed Interface.
The Type-C interface that is in foolproof design offers you easy and fast connection.
Perfect match to various devices.
Compatible with Windows, macOS and Android, Artisul M0610 Pro supports connections with various devices so that you can work on the drawing and designing software you prefer.