Designed to release
your imagination ingeniously

Artisul Pen Tablet A801

Lightweight & easy-to-carry

A801 is endowed with trendy appearance, remarkable portability and great practicability. The anti-slip pads and grid back case that deliver a sense of style and technology do well in stability. We can carry it around and use it anywhere.
  • 7.8mm thickness
  • 379.4g weight
  • Thoughtful pen holder
  • Personal grid back case

Real, impressive, and characteristic

A801 adopts a brand-new panel which has a eye-catching appearance by the permutation and combination of lines of different lengths. Besides, the matte surface of the panel offers writing-on-paper experience to users.
  • Working Area (PC Mode): 193.8*121.1mm(16:10)
  • Working Area (Phone Mode): 68.1*121.1mm(9:16)

Programmable & user friendly press keys

Efficient and user-friendly, four press keys can be programmed and the functions such as undo, copy, zoom in, zoom out, etc. Besides, pen tablet A801 is convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.

P62-G to record every line you draw

With up to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, battery-free digital pen P62-G can reproduce lines with different widths and saturation naturally and accurately. In addition, 266PPS report rate allows users to capture every input immediately. Creative ideas bloom with P62-G.
  • 8192Levels
    Pressure Sensitivity
  • 266PPS
    Report Rate
  • 5080LPI
    Pen Resolution

Connection to
various devices

A801 can be easily connected to computers, laptops, as well as Android phones/tablets, providing diverse ways to realize your creativity.

Grab the pen and explore more

Digital creation

You can fully express your ideas through pen tablet A801 when drawing, or designing in software such as Photoshop, Sai, Painter and Sketchbook.

Online education

With Zoom,OBS, or other recording/live streaming software that has a whiteboard, pen tablet A801 can help teachers with intuitive course and bring more vitality to online classroom.


When using office software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use A801 to modify, annotate or sign the file, which will greatly streamline your work process and improve workflow.