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Pen display SP1603

Sleek and unique design

The appearance and pen nib technology show the uniqueness of SP1603. The area of press keys takes on an unique wing-shaped design that is not only fashionable but also functional.

Light and bright

With 9mm thickness and 15.6inch panel size, SP1603 enables easy and convenient digital creation.
Working area
344.16×193.59 mm
  • 9mm thick
  • 1.3kg weight

Fashionable and durable

The mauve al-alloy back case of SP1603 not only makes the pen display look more fashionable but also improves its durability, wear resistance, and heat dissipation performance.
The mauve al-alloy back

Unique wing-shaped press keys

The design of press keys and a dial controller is inspired by the wing of airplane. 14 customizable press keys and a Dial controller are to boost your work productivity.
With the driver installed, users even can assign different functions to the Dial controller according to their needs.

More colors are added to enrich your work

90% NTSC color gamut means more colors can be presented accurately on SP1603, which makes the pictures look more vibrant and lifelike.

Wherever you stand,
you can always see a perfect picture

IPS screen with 178° wide viewing angle enables users to see a bright and clear picture wherever they stand.

Enjoy a creation without parallax

  • Full lamination technology that eliminates the air gap between the touch layer and display ensures better accuracy.
  • Tempered glass with anti-glare matte film helps to reduce glare and mimic pen-on-paper drawing experience.

Grab the pen for creative sketch

SP1603 is equipped with a new digital pen P77, which has two customizable pen buttons for users to create in a more productive way.

  • Programmable Button

  • Anti-slip Silicone Grip

  • Durable Pen Nib

Support your authentic expression

  • Digital pen P77 that supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 220PPS report rate, allows users to demonstrate their ideas authentically and naturally without lagging.
  • Users can also tilt the digital pen to realize different drawing effects.

Connect and create immediately

Connect the SP1603 to computer via the HDMI and two-in-one cable or the full-featured Type-C cable, you can also use the full-featured Type-C cable to connect to android phone/tablet.

Work together with various device

SP1603 supports Windows7, macOS 10.12, and Android. It can wok together with various software that are frequently used for fashion design, online education, e-commerce, graphic design, game and animation.