Artisul D22S
Bring your ideas to life.
Express yourself freely.
Artisul D22S helps to save your time and efforts with its professional performance that can handle complicated design work.
Everything you look is clear.
21.5inch IPS screen is available to add incredible visual impact and offer an ample working space.
Pen-on-paper drawing experience.
Advanced anti-glare film that can greatly reduce the surrounding light, contributes to the enhanced brightness, and at the same time its matte finish ensures you a more lifelike drawing experience.
Reveal every delicate detail
and natural color.
Artisul D22S boasts 1080x1920 resolution and 76% Adobe RGB gamut, allowing you to enjoy a glamorous visual effect with more exquisite details and richer layers.
Illustrate your creation from different angles.
Super-wide 178°viewing angle guarantees a natural world without distortion seen from various angles.
A perfect partner – battery free pen.
Digital pen P59 that needs no charge ensures smooth and accurate lines with its 233PPS report rate and 8192 levels pen press.
±60° tilt support.
Free you from the restriction of traditional drawing and bring your work to next level with ±60° tilt support that enables lines in various shape to be presented.
Create a best angle for working.
Adjustable stand provides you a more comfortable working condition as the angle range 20°- 80° is ergonomically designed to work best for you.
Premier system support.
Artisul D22S is compatible with both Windows and macOS, running different kinds of designing and drawing software easily.